Pension Credit

Pension credit provides a guaranteed minimum level of income (Guarantee Credit) by topping up your weekly income if it is below the threshold (£137.35 if you are single, £209.70 if you have a partner). These amounts may increase further depending on individual circumstances.

For example, if you are disabled then any addition will be assessed at the time of application. Those aged 65 or over may qualify for savings credit, you may receive this on its own or with the Guarantee Credit.

You may be entitled to saving credit if you or your partner are age 65 or over and have made some provision for your retirement. For example savings/investments or a second pension. the level of benefit for savings credit can be up to:

  • £20.52 per week, if you are single
  • £27.09 per week if you have a partner

You could potentially get savings credit if the money you have coming in is up to about

  • £188 per week if you are single
  • £277 per week if you have a partner
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