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We aim to always provide an honest and transparent relationship with our clients, their friends and family members in relation to there care when needed. Over the years we have built long-lasting relationships and made a difference not only to our clients but their family members too. We are so grateful to have worked with such lovely people and are proud to display what they have to say about us. 

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Jane - family member

Be Cared For cared for both my mother and her partner and were my first choice when I was looking for care for my husband.  This is a care company that really does care.  My husband is totally at ease with the carers and they are all so very kind, patient and friendly.  - March 2023

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Jo - family member

I would highly recommend Be Cared For  services to anyone needing care.  The Care staff are always positive and smiling.  They have been supporting my parents for a couple of years now and they do a wonderful job, the family couldn't be without their help.  The office staff are also very helpful and always response to emails quickly.  

The Care sector has been hit hard since Covid and the individual staff do not get the fiscal reward or general recognition they truly deserve.

Well done to Bea/Rebecca and the team - thank you from the Rose family. - March 2023

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Peter - family member 

My father has been receiving three calls each day now for three months, since the start of January 2023. Be Cared For provide a detailed rota, well in advance and the carers are prompt, courteous and friendly. They will cooperate with bespoke patient requirements, e g (but not limited to) administering regular medications, specific meal requirements and light cleaning duties. 


The 'back office' administration is good & the 'Birdie' app that the carers use means that as a relative of the individual being cared for, you can easily see what happened at the most recent carer's visit and be sure that everything's ok with your relative. Be Cared For are certainly better than any other care agency I've had to deal with.  - April 2023

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Linda - family member 

The team at Be Cared For have exceeded my expectations of how care at home can be delivered. They initially cared for my Dad and I didn’t hesitate to call on them again when Mum needed care. She has Alzheimer’s. Nothing is too much trouble, all the ‘tasks’ are completed efficiently but it’s more than that. Her carers make her laugh, they chat with her, allow her to reminisce and have been known to play her favourite songs from their phones, which she loves. They maintain her dignity and have introduced a great personal care routine, something I had all but given up on. As her Alzheimer’s has progressed they have worked hard to ensure she has the same carers, consistency is key for mum. I use the Birdie app which was introduced last year to see how mum’s visits have gone. Birdie has given me such peace of mind, they even record her mood. We took a weeks holiday this year and having the app allowed me to relax and know she was happy. They were able to accommodate some extra social calls while we were away, to keep mum company. Communication is exceptional, both with the office staff and the carers. I honestly am in awe of how they can recruit and maintain such wonderful, kind and caring people. Having used Be Cared For for over five years I can’t recommend them highly enough. - March 2023

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Louanne - family member

finally a massive thank you to you and your team my mum has literally gone from 1 star care to 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ she is so happy now and has told me everyone she has met is lovely and couldn’t wish for nicer carers..  This has now taken away my anxiety when I’m away working knowing she’s being looked after by lovely carers. - March 2023

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Christine - family member

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. In the time you have looked after mum I can honestly say your team have been by far the best we have dealt with whilst both my parents have had carers. Once again many thanks for all your help and support.  - May 2022

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Susan - family member

I would like to thank everyone involved in mum's care over the years. Your have all been absolutely wonderful supporting my parents and myself. You have gone far beyond normal expectations in the kindness shown to mum and your communications with my and responses to my concerns. Whenever I've spoken to other people such as OT's the QMC or the district nurses I've always told them what a wonderful company you are. We were truly fortunate that you had staff available when we needed to start the care package in 2015. Mum's regular carer have been very kind. Mum bonded really well from the beginning so the morning chats with her became an important part of mum's day. When she was no longer able to do it herself, mum appreciated the carer's help sorting her clothes, which was very important to mum. Abbie and Rebecca have been absolute stars over the last two years. Nothing has been too much trouble. They have been very patient, sympathetic, reliable and quick to respond to my calls and messages including evenings and weekends. Thank you Bea for all you have done, especially in January when my parents needed more care visits each day and for contacting the surgery in February when both of my parents were struggling and in need of respite care. Most of all, thank you for leading your team by example, creating a company in which everyone truly cares for their clients and families. - April 2020

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Caroline - family member

On behalf of dad and all his family, I wanted to thank you and your team for all you have done. He would not have been able to stay in his own home without you all. He achieved his 'end of days' wish. The social interaction alone made such a difference to him and his quality of life. Everything else was a bonus. - May 2020

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Sue - family member

I am writing to thank you and your team of carers for their wonderful care and the professionalism which they have shown my mother this year. She really appreciates their kind and friendly approach. I would particularly like to thank their recent diligence after my mother felt unwell following a minor operation. Your carers noticed that she may be developing a bed sore, monitored it then subsequently contacted the community nurse when her skin didn't improve. As a result the nurse is treating the sore area and has provided preventative equipment. Mum is really grateful to the carers and very pleased to receive help from the nurses. - December 2017

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Sharon - family member

Mum has been looked after for the past year with Be cared for. 

She took a while to settle,  and build relationships, but she absolutely loves all her carers now.

Her next door neighbour remarked that it was lovely to hear Mum laughing and chatting with her carer in the mornings . They really are brilliant, patient caring and inclusive. My sister and I are very happy with her care. Nothing is too much trouble for them, from the carers to the office staff. 

We are very grateful. - April 2023

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Linda - family member

My brother and I are very happy to recommend Be Cared For (Home Care Service). They do a tremendous job looking after both our parents. Nothing is too small or too much trouble, and everyone is so professional, kind and friendly. They also keep us updated by email, app and phone if needed. We do not live locally, so we are very relieved our parents are in such good hands. - April 2023

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Ian - family member

Hi Holly and the Team at Be Cared For.

I would like to take the time to thank all your team for the way that you all cared for my Dad over the 4 months he was under your care. I know that he always looked forward to his visits, and as you know usually was sat in the hallway patiently waiting.

Sadly dad's mental health deteriorated so found it harder and harder to be on his own, but it is clear that he benefitted from your teams' excellent care and company, so I would like to thank you for that. Should anyone in the future ask for any care at home recommendations then Be Cared For would be first on my list. - April 2023

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