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Throughout the past year, we have updated the way we care and manage our care for both carers and clients alike by investing in Birdie care software.

Moving online to Birdie meant a lot of changes for us within the business and our way of managing and giving care. There was a long process of uploading all our information onto the digital software as well as providing our carers with training and practice runs in using the app.

We went live with Birdie for the first time on the 1st February 2021, and since then we have continued to learn and grow with the new online software and finding benefits along the way.

Some of these include:

  1. The office are immediately notified of any medication concerns or errors through the Birdie app.

  2. No more collecting and auditing client paperwork every month as with Birdie we are able to audit on a daily basis.

  3. With consent of the client, themselves and their family members are able to gain access to the app where they can see the carer notes, tasks completed and observations made throughout their visits. This provides a further means of communication between a client and their families if they live far away or they are on holiday, which creates a great opportunity for communication between clients and their families.

  4. Live rotas which carers can access on the app on their phones meaning any changes in their rota they can immediately see with a refresh.

  5. Birdie analytics creates data analysis where we can see anything that needs updating, how our carers are scoring in their work and allow us to make improvements which can be shown to the CQC upon inspection.

Throughout our time with Birdie we have learned so much and have been growing as a company to ensure that our clients receive the best care possible. By going online, we are helping the environment with a large reduction in paper costs and usage, and we are more time efficient with our admin tasks allowing us time to invest in other areas.

Now, one year on and we are still learning and getting to grips with some new features as well as making suggestions to the Birdie team for new features and improvements. We hope to continue this new way of care management for years to come as its benefits have proven themselves tenfold throughout the past year.

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