Where good carers are crucial to our service and your care

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High quality care services that enable elderly people to stay safely and happily in their own home

Our expertly trained carers provide a range of tailored services in the home: everything from personal care, companionship, domestic support, cooking, lifestyle and social activities, respite care following discharge from hospital, and overnight care.

Our carers are vital to our success in delivering the very highest standards of care. All our carers, regardless of their experience, complete a comprehensive training programme before they are placed with a client.

We invest significant time in care planning and place great importance on matching clients with carers, in terms of care delivery and personality.

We are available 7 days a week all year round. We employ local people with a variety of experience and skill sets. We feel passionately about what we do and continually strive to keep the Service User at the centre of all we do!

If this is an area you are thinking of exploring, we would be happy to visit you and explain our services at length. If you would like to find out more about our services and availability, please contact us. 


Our Services

Personal Care


Domestic support


Lifestyle and Social Activities

Respite care following discharge from hospital

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"I have worked for BeCaredFor for nearly six years. The job in itself is very rewarding, but to have recognition and appreciation from head office is an added bonus. If you have passion in the role you carry out then it is reflected in the relationship you have with every client. My experience, listening, communication, sensitivity, and understanding in management is the key to a happy and successful work team."

Vivvienne, Staff 

"Great to see Dad with a big smile on his face and enjoying himself on one of his social calls that he has every week. Being given great care by the carers as always, I would recommend BeCaredFor to anybody."

Family Member 

"Working for a business that puts both staff and clients at the heart of everything they do really does make working for BeCaredFor a pleasure. Getting to build relationships with each client means that I look forward to visiting them all, each day. It is like going to check in on your friends or family. This is how care work should be."

Grace, Staff

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Elderly Home Care Services in South Nottinghamshire and The Vale of Belvoir 


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